Goodbye Boarding House..

..welcome apartment.

Smiley Finally, I have decided to move to a new place. It’s sure to be bigger and more conducive for studying and not for sleeping. Haha. Smiley However, I am just having one problem; on how am gonna move my bundles of things to my apartment. I actually have asked my mum ’bout it, but she just told me to look for solutions by myself alone since it’s my own decision to transfer to new house. Smiley And she’s also busy in her school as so my dad in his farm. They couldn’t look after me this time. Too bad.
One of my friends who’s living in California shared to me lately her experience in moving from one place to another. As she said, local movers in their place used to hire helpers. These are people or laborers that are paid for making work easily done. Aside from that, the laborers can be contact 24/7 and even through online. With these, movers could have no more hassles in moving from house to house.
I wish the Philippines to have that kind of services available here so anybody at anytime could move their things easily. If only am just one of the Los Angeles movers, well then, I could have no problem transferring my things. In fact, up until now, I still do not know when to transfer my things yet the school year is fast approaching. Smiley

Can anybody help me move my things? Smiley

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