I’d rather stay at home..

..and play online games. Smiley

As I have always been tellin’, my summer vacation is indeed wet Smiley which seemed to be very opposite with what most of the areas in the Philippines are experiencing. For instance, the weather temperature in Cebu City is as high as 35?. In Davao City, it sometimes reaches 37?. But here in our hometown, in the province of Agusan del Sur, sunny days can only be counted by fingers. Thence, after hopping from city to other city and staying for 5 days and more, I still prefer to come back here coz I really can’t stand longer in a very hot weather.
Well, anyway, talking ’bout staying at home, aside from eating and sleeping, I have nothing to do but playing slot machines and reading guide to blackjack online. Whew! I even forgot blogging. Hehe. I can’t say I have already master playing casino, but I think I am just getting addicted to playing blackjack online now. Why? Simply because I don’t need to go to land casino to have me a great play site. I could just make use of the internet while feeling the cold wet summer. LOL! And more, players can claim free bonuses while playing blackjack online from various blackjack online games.
Look what wet summer has brought to me – online game addiction. Smiley
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