Labor Day at the Pool

It was Labor Day yesterday. And since it’s the only day in this year’s summer vacay to have a hot weather, my mum decided to have the family a break at the pool though I wasn’t there with them that time. I had my summer getaway also. Hehe.
As what my sister told me, they were very early in
the resort; earlier than the attendants. LOL!
Enjoying the early morning breeze and the reflexing-like
arranged stone going inside the resort.
My diving mum. LOL!
Didang and her mum, Cherry, my sister-in-law.
Didong with her mum, Bait, my sister.
My mum and sister, Wewee.
My mum is a drama queen. LOL! She’s feeling
the hot grasses. Super emo. Hehe.
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