My first car

Do you want to see what my first car is? Smiley It’s really amazing! I dare you to have one like mine. It’s not so expensive. I just experienced being robbed after I bought this. Smiley
Oh yeah! Here it is! Here’s one photo of my car. But this is not the color I wanted. I changed the color, actually, with the color red ‘coz it has been my fave color since then. Can you point what makes this so hot and amazing for me? It is the custom wheels which I personally designed. Instead of the normal four (4) wheels, I designed it to have eight (8) wheels; four (4) in each wheel-column.

Cool. Isn’t it? Smiley

But this is actually too good to be true kind of car for me. I am just getting weird today after my week-long of non-stop travel. Believe it or not, I almost just making the buses my house. I just stop to eat, take a bath then transfer to other bus and then go. These were what I did last week. I almost memorize every street in Mindanao. Haha. How I wish to own a car like the one above.


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