A Nap turns A Sleep!

Yesterday, at around 6:30 in the afternoon as I arrived home from school, I was kind’a shocked and scared when the little girl who is the granddaughter of the caretaker of the house where I am staying at is just staying outside the house and suddenly just called me “hi te gagay!”. I was really surprised that even under the rain, I was sweating. Thence I asked why she’s staying outside the house yet so dark. She just smiled and said that her grandma and their helper is attending daily mass and there was no light. O c’mon, rotating brown out, it is!

By then, there was only one thing that jumped into my mind – scheduled Casino on line class. Emoticon Since our classes in medical school has started, I told myself to chill every Fridays so to be able to feel relax even just every Fridays and also to get myself ready for the coming week ahead. But because of the rotating black out, even just for an hour, here in Cebu City, what I did yesterday was just to take a nap that turned into a great sleep. Smiley I ended up waking this morning at 8:00.

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