New Domain for WNP

And now I am definite, I have already my new domain, paid domain, but had it for free, and I am certain to use it before the week ends. Smiley Off course, I still need to wait for the PR (page ranks) updates before I will change my Walking Newspaper free domain – to its new paid yet free domain. Aside from that, I am still having queuing PBs to be done before the month’s end with the recent blog URL I have, so I need to post those still with my old free domain. And what that domain would be is still a surprise! Whew! But I am still left with two (2) problems. First is the possible title of the domain.And the second one is whether to change domain host or server or not. As I have said before, blogger (from Google) is one friendly-user server I ever encounter compared to WP. But with the commenting problems I encountered with blogger, I am already confused to stick to it. By far, after reading more info about WP, no commenting problems I have grasp yet, but with the techie styles it have, anybody who found hassles a problem like me, I am not sure I could stay longer with it. LOL!So far, there’s one web hosting park which interests me most. Why? It is because of the easy cpanel hosting (control panel) which I had been looking for. I am the kind of person that when I am getting busier, I don’t want things to be more complicated. I just want the simplest configuration as possible. Aside from that, there would be free domain that is of unlimited websites to register to for every purchase. Unlimited websites since the disk space and bandwidth are unlimited also. So anybody could have multiple domains, even flooding. Smiley

For now, I still need to think of these things further before I finally wave goodbye with my original old free domain.

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