New Domain, New Look!

Today is the last day of the month and with that I am already getting into the groove of making use of my paid domain (but had it for free for a year yet). But since queued PBs are dumping, I still need to finish and submit a number of those. Aside from that, I still wanted to wait for the updates of PR (page ranks) so I could decide even more coz if my PR for Walking Newspaper blog will get higher, which is somehow impossible to happen, I might not change the domain for the following three (3) months yet. However, if the PR will be down, I will surely use the domain I am having now.
Well, you might be wondering how I had the domain which is supposed to be paid yet I was able to have it for free for 1 (one) whole year? Oh yeah! That would be a great secret. Haha. I won’t disclose it, you might do it. Hehe. Honestly, I wasn’t able to use some credits nor applied for cash advance then when I was just browsing over the internet yesterday. After an hour of hoping for some lucks with me credit records, I was accidentally redirected to a website – web host server. Out of curiosity, I signed up then whoop, it just told me “Congratulations Gagay, you’re one of the lucky registrants to avail for free domain!”. Yayks! My empty mind almost to jump out from my cracking skull!

So that’s it! I am having my free paid domain now. With regards to my Walking Newspaper, I am thinking to change its look! What do you think? Do you have any idea?


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