The Cebu City Map

I could say that even Cebu City is far small place than Davao City, I still be lost in the downtown area unless riding on a taxi.The house where I am recently staying at is just more or less 200 meters away from school. So I don’t need to ride a jeepney anymore. And when going downtown, SM, Ayala Center or any big malls, I just used to mark the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers which is just not more than a kilometer away from house walking short cuts.

I am staying in Sambag II.

Another landmark which I usually remember when going somewhere here in Cebu is the Casino Filipino just along the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. Off course, by easy thinking of going home from night out, Casinos online again are dancing in my mind especially when I got to pass by there. The animated red color of the letters reading C-A-S-I-N-O F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O in front of me makes me really smile. EmoticonAnd oh, I still really need to memorize and understand real hard how Cebu City looks like coz up until now, I can’t really imagine how Cebu City has been designed and also the routes of each jeepney. Emoticon

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