Walk like Walking Animals in Robinson’s Place, Dumaguete City

It was a super hot sunny afternoon when I and my cousins decided to spend the rest of the day in the Robinson’s Place in Dumaguete City.After some bites of yummy yet stomach-aching burps, we all tried riding the walking animal toys. At first, I was hesitant to ride on it since I thought I am old enough for it but when my cousin asked if I could still ride, the attendant stared at me from head to foot, smiled and said, “she still can ride”. LOL!

With me are all my cousins; Shawn, Sheene and Shaina.
Without further thoughts, we really did tried the walking animals. If you’re just looking at it while other kids are playing with it, it’s so cool. But if it’s you riding on it, haha, never bother asking then. I guess, it’s better for you to try too. LOL!

After sobering ourselves with the walking animals, we didn’t notice it was already raining outside. Good enough my uncle, their dad intentionally went to the mall also to look for rain guards for his car and at the same time fetched us.

It was definitely a great all-unexpected-activity day. Hehe.

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