I should smell like Cherry!

  • You are not as you seem. Most people think that you’re sweeter and more innocent than you actually are. Yayks..Speechless.
  • In truth, you are a total wild child. You just keep it all on the down low for appearance’s sake. Haha. Maybe so..’coz that’s what those who have known for who I really am has been telling; after they’ve known me more, they’ve used to say I am differently what they have known me at first. Indeed, first impression NEVER lasts..as long as you have the courage to know the person more. Smiley
  • You are happiest when you’re plotting and scheming a bit. You can’t help it, you have a devious mind! Haha. Things get more challenging and exciting to have and to do, in terms of achievements, if we’ll make it more detouring. LOL! As long as you’re happy with what you are doing, there’s no heartaches, pains and tiresome even if it takes a lifetime to achieve something. Smiley
  • You are good at charming people and getting what you want. You are naturally popular, and people just always seem to love you. Really? Haha. I don’t think so I am popular..maybe they just love me ‘coz I love them more. You can actually read about me here – in my About Me page.
What Fruit Should You Smell Like?
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