Very Vera!

For a month of being a sophomore medical student, I had been wanting to give myself a break by cooking, baking, preparing anything I wanna eat in the kitchen. And today, just after our last exam, as I went home, I passed by a newly opened bakeshop along the street and was able to check some cakes and cookies. As I stared at those yumm yumm brown delights, I thought to myself that if only I am staying at home, I could have baked some of those for myself and when I am cooking, Didong and Didang are always at my back trying to follow what I am doing. Hehe. Sometimes, I could even just think of using Interactive Voice Response when I am at home while doing some chores so even I am doing chores for adults, they could still follow me. LOL! Smiley
Just because of my desire to bake cake, I browsed over the internet some great videos of cooking, baking, preparing goodies. Good thing I stumbled upon Very Vera Stewart! The video below is one of her cooking camp with children attending and preparing. This is indeed so cool cooking camp hosted by Very Vera. Try to look at this below.


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