I got real bored, so I took a break after my online games and checked how blogthings goin’ on and grateful enough to have found The Jewelry Test.

You Are Devoted

Whether your favorite object is a wedding ring, engagement ring, or other ring,
you are serious about commitment. Off course, I DO. I always and will
always love the one I am with.
Once you’ve bonded with someone, that bond can’t be broken.You love
unconditionally. This is for sure. Even we’re far from each other,
we know that we are always with each other. So far, yet so near. Smiley
Of all the types, you are most likely to wear the exact same jewelry every
day. You cherish your jewelry that much. Hey hey..I’m not engaged yet. LOL! Maybe sooner or later. Hehe. Honestly, I am not the type of girl who used to wear lotsa jewelry, I am already contented if all me ear piercings are complete. In fact, even those given by my mum, I didn’t use those as often. They were all kept in my boxes. Hehe. But maybe, if engaged already, that would be a wearless thing to do.
You are old fashioned and loyal. You carry yourself with class and grace. I feel classy and grace even without jewelry on, especially when I feel loved. Smiley


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