DIDONG, being Ring Bearer

Last September 18 was the wedding ceremony of my cousin which I supposed to attend to but because of hectic examination schedules, I wasn’t able to book and buy tickets for my flights.
Aside from the ceremony to be attended, Didong was the ring bearer and my mum and dad were one of the principal sponsors. I missed the said event. What I have here are only photos of them.

Didong holding the ring.
Didong happily walking while holding the ring.

I remembered one time when mum called me from home, she let Didong talked to me. I asked Didong what he did during the wedding, he said he was holding a white pillow with pair of ring over it and he gave it to the priest. Haha. Soooo cute!

My dad and mum with Didang.

Didang and Didong. They’re already getting bigger and bigger.


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