Dining @ Mae Krua Thai Cuisine of Cebu City

M arrived yesterday morning. Smiley It was indeed a surprise for me. Smiley

Since I still had 2 two remaining final examinations yesterday, he just took his rest in my apartment while I was having my exam.At around 7:00 in the evening when I was done fixing all I need to fix in school, we opted to have a dinner date together with one of my close friends and a classmate in medicine, Ernhez, at the Mae Krua Thai Cuisine, Ramos Street, Cebu City.

Outside the entrance door with one of the Thai national symbols.
Pardon me, Smiley but I really forgot all the names of the foods we ordered and ate. Smiley

Sure thing, this is a fish. Smiley

This one’s also a fish. Smiley

The rice in a platter.

This is a pork which Ernhez ordered. I and M are not eating porky.

The vegies M is always craving. Smiley

Much with us, I, M and Ernhez.

We immediately went home after minutes of walking along Ramos street since I was getting sleepy – swine reflex. Smiley Haha. Every time I get full, I feel sleepy and so is Ernhez.


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