Happy World Teacher’s Day to My MUM!

I just wanna greet my muma Happy Teacher’s Day. Aside from being a great mum, she’s really one great teacher also like even though she has stopped teaching in a classroom set up since I was in High School, she’s now an administrative secondary school officer, all of her previous students used to greet her, give thanks and even send pressies on no occasions. Though I haven’t personally experienced to be a student of my mum, I know and am sure she really is since I am grateful enough how she brought us and guide us up until now.Honestly, I was once dreaming to be like her. But, I guess, her dreams for me really pointing to where I should be.
.with my mum and aunt (her cousin).
I’m so loving you mum. And now, am missing you much even most your hug. Smiley

And to all teachers, Happy Teachers’ Day!!!


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