Busy Birthday

In years of celebrating my birthday, this is the busiest one. Though I already anticipated things like this, I almost thought of having it the worst but by far, the best!
I had three different, should I say, party, get-together, gathering with different people who has been a part of my life especially in surviving medical studies. And off course, I should not forget my teleport party from home with my lovely niece and nephew and my family.

Actually, my day started with an exam and ended with another exam. To sum it all up, my day was an exam day. Just right after the exam, M arrived. We attended a mass and immediately rushed to had a dinner, just the two of us first. Later, around 8 in the evening, I invited my three of the closest buddies in medical school, Jay, KC and Girly to have a dinner with me and M. M suggested savory classic restaurant, and since the four of us haven’t tried it yet there, I just informed the three to be there.

Upon getting there, I was just really surprised when the restaurant just played a birthday song and all of the crews including there manager came to me handling cakes while singing.

..was about to cry and really blushing.

Blowing out my 2 candles in 2 different cakes.

M and I

For our dinner, I mean, there dinner, haha, ‘coz am not eating past 6 PM because of my BD, LOL, we had all of those yummies.

Shanghai Rolls

Pork Chopsuey

Seafood Brocolli

The Classic Savory Chicken

Savory Java rice

Us outside the restaurant.

M and I

After that late dinner, M took me to where my heart really loves to do, shopping. Haha. I shopped until I almost forgot that my other classmates were waiting for me for another party. There, we had a beer party. But since am on BD, I just with them for 2 hours since my cousins who were also preparing some goodies for me were waiting and buggling me to be there in there pad.

The second year “BEERMEN” medical student.
They suggested not to post more pics.

The three different mini-parties ended almost 3 AM and still I need to get back all of my energies since we’re still having an oral exam the following day.

With all of these busy-ness I had on my birthday, I wasn’t able to check my online accounts even my emails. And I wasn’t able to respond to all the greetings from facebook, twitter, and more. I didn’t know that David and Ate Ane had something for me on that day until they sent me messages on my facebook account.

I want to thank both of you Ate Ane and David for those blog posts, as well as to those who greeted me on my birthday. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

That ends my busy birthday!


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