CamSur: Wish You were Here!

When having a vacation in southern part of Luzon, specifically in Bicol Region, one of the places to visit is Camarines Sur, popularly called CamSur.

CamSur, Camarines Sur, where Naga City is located is very much popular with its wakeboarding facilities which is the very first here in the Philippines – CWC or CamSur WaterSports Complex. CWC is located in the capitol site of Naga City, the capital of Camarines Sur.

CamSur really made me tan!

**my cousin, Marion and I carrying our things from car to the hut.

**my auntie, cousin, Marion and I going inside the Lago. Darn hot!

*My mum and I!

My auntie, Milette, Marion’s mum.

I only brought M’s towel coz he can’t be with us.

L-R: Auntie, Cousin: Marion, I and Mum.

More photos coming.


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