Happy 4th Birthday Didong

Today is Didong‘s 4th happy years of celebrating life’s graces with God and with us.

Didong is actually my first nephew, son of my elder sister, Bait. He’s staying with us, I mean, at home ‘coz mum is almost glued to him and so are we. His dad? He’s definitely lost in space! Haha. LOST in space, should I say it again? LOST IN SPACE!

Taken last Oct. 29, when I arrived home,
I brought him and Didang to Jollibee.

They said, he’s like me when projecting in front of the camera – always
ready and knows how to smile! Haha.

It was Halloween in Jollibee, he really climbed on the chair to have a picture with the spider web on the wall.
This birthday of his’ will be the second that I won’t be attending with. The first time was last year, I was having classes so as today. I just had a call with him.
Happy birthday Didong, Mommy Gagay (that’s how he calls me..t’was Mommy Daday when he still don’t know how to pronounce letter correctly) always and will always love you! Be good always!!!
**This post is scheduled. I’ll attend to you guys as soon as I’m free. Just leave you’re concerns.


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