Mayon Volcano and Super Typhoon Reming Remains

After we visit the Cagsaua Ruins and stepped on the foot of Mt. Mayon, we also roam around the different towns which is circling around Mt. Mayon. There we found those remains of the November 2006 super typhoon Reming which killed thousands of people in the three of the many towns around the volcano.

..the area of San Sebastian, if am not mistaken, where a lot of people died.
It has been said that the dreadful event happened on November 30, 2006 caused thousands of lives to end. What happened was that, in a number of days of raining, Mt. Mayon was loaded with water and the mouth of the volcano has cracked causing a huge tornado-like water to flow in a sudden. The people in Albay called it “DELUBYO” since it happened in just a wink. After the water has flown into the sea, the area where water passed was covered with dead body of people. Some dead bodies were trapped inside their houses while some were kind’a strained along the Yawa bridge.

The water is not just a normal water as it was but mixed with lava. It was black but not hot and sandy. Aside from the flowing water, big stones were also sliding from the volcano.

Taken in other town circling Mt. Mayon. We were in the Yawa
bridge this time. Take a look at the black soil.

I took this when am inside the car, it’s looking blurry.
Showing here is a house which was trapped
with a very big stone in the ground floor.

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