My Hands Say I Am Logical

I get bored studying for our semi-final examinations, so I took a nap. But then, the nap turned to be a power nap, a power sleep. But my boredom didn’t end yet. I just had blogthings done.
You are logical, analytical, and rational.
You have good verbal skills. Many said so. Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical.
You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky
situations. Haha. The first line is really true. And
as many said, I am very adventurous and a risk-taker.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure
and routine in your life. I seldom change plans, ideas.
To what I have first said, I stand to it.

Your emotions tend to be well though out. You’re
willing to wait out a bad situation, and you’re never too
quick to act. Haha. Yes, indeed, but not really
too late. Off course, things need clever moves before
acting on.

What about you? What Do Your Hands Say About You?


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