Who’s the Real FUNK?


I don’t think so..take a look at the image below! Comment, violently, as you can! But never do it here!

Seriously, the image above is named DAVID FUNK. He’s celebrating his Birthday today! Is he looking funky?

I don’t think so..

Happy FUNKY Birthday David!!!

But actually, I guess it’s me getting funk here. Honestly, this blog is supposed to be posted on November 29 at exactly 12:01 in the morning (Philippine time). I was funky waiting in vain to appear my blog. However, upon reviewing lately, I saw it scheduled on November 29, 2011. So, I made some revisions!

Yeah, I know! It’s my day, it’s me, the real funk! But it’s David Funk’s day today! Happy Birthday David!!! Your prayers are my prayers and so with your wishes! Be funky always!


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