Didong at the Davao Crocodile Park

Before Didong’s birthday on Dec. 1, last Nov. 29, mum and sis, Wewee, brought Didong in the Davao Crocodile Park since he has been wanting for so long to see live crocodiles.

At the lobby.

Together with Didong are my Lola, cousins, Pauline and Nicholas and mum.

Didong acting as if bitten by live crocs.

Mum said Didong freaked out when he approached
this crocs’ cage and one of those jumped into the pool.

Mum with the Manobo lady.

Didong wanted to hold this big snake by himself.

They tried feeding the ostrich.

Making faces with the big fake lion.
My sis, Wewee and Didong.

After roaming around the whole park, Didong even wanted to go there everyday.


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