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As a medical student, it’s very difficult for us to look for stuffs not so related to medicine just like what what happened during our Retro Christmas Party. Smiley Personally, I really have hard time looking for dress, shoes and other vintage stuffs because of the very hectic schedules that we’re having. Even just thinking or planning to what theme would I be during the party is very difficult for me. Smiley

Good enough I have some old dresses, actually, the blue black-dotted dress I wore was bought last October, so I consider it old though I haven’t wear it yet. The first time I wear it was just last party. That dress is a bit lengthy so I made some repairs on it, but not me myself – I brought it in a professional sewer. After three (3) days, the sewer somehow pictured-out and made what I really wanted to be done with my dress. With regards to my footwear, I supposed to wear just a plain black shoes which I bought last first week of November. But since M asked me of what gifts I would want for my birthday days before it and when we go to the mall, he told me that the boots which the lady dummy is wearing will surely be looking good to me, so I tried and he bought it. I then planned of wearing the boots with my dress. I never thought of those things up until my classmate commented that I looked like Madonna if am gonna wear it. So for me not to be obvious looking like Madonna, I chose not to fix my hair as to Madonna’s. Hehe.

So, that’s all with my outfit.

With regards to our class presentation, we’re supposed to have a vintage vci-300. Smiley But since, as I have said, we really had minimal spare time preparing, even the dance presentation itself, we only had the night before the party to practice, choreograph and anything else, so we weren’t able to use retro accessories during our presentation. But suffice it to present with retro outfit and dance moves.

Take a look at the VCI-300 disks.

The presentation we had was not bad, I guess because we still won first place and we were awarded as the most united group. Smiley


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