Pictorial Tricks in Mt. Mayon and Cagsaua Ruins

When we had the chance of visiting the Cagsaua Ruins and the Mt. Mayon, we really make it to the point that our vacation was really fun-filled.

One of the funniest things to do around Mt. Mayon areas is to do pictorial tricks. Take note, those tricks were not done by professional photographers like those who really has a degree in photography but just as young as 9 years old. The kids are just there waiting for tourists to ask them to take some tricky photos. We tried some below.

My gigantic mum was playing us -the dwarfs.

Oh yeah! Mum and I has touched the tip of the volcano! Haha.

I could even jump higher than Mt. Mayon! Wohooo!

The Cagsaua Ruin is visibly too small! Haha.

Darn! Marion, my cousin, and I was able to touch the tip of the Cagsaua Church.

Funny, it may seemed. But we really enjoyed it. And, I, personally was amazed how those kids learned these image-tricks.


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