Accounts Hacked!

I can’t say that I am an internet techie, but somehow, I am an internet savvy and it’s all because of my working blogs. My blogs are all earning from all of the viewable, click-able links flooding in each of my blogs.
However, with all of those graces I am receiving each month from all of my blogs, I am also receiving confirmations thru my security emails, take note, EMAILS telling that some one has tried to open and change my password in one of my public emails. One of these is my email account used in Facebook.

Letter from Facebook.
Just when I got home tonight, I received the letter above about the confirmation of changing email password for my Facebook account which I never did today. I was in school the whole day attending classes and taking exams. I never even tried using the internet today yet I still received such email. I asked M if he tried to open my emails but he only said never since I told him about my accounts.

I really do not know why people are trying to hack my accounts? If you have something to tell me, inquire about me, or anything, anybody can contact me thru the CONTACT page and PLEASE NEVER TRY OWNING OTHER ACCOUNTS. This is not the first time I encountered this problem but a number of times already. The most latest before tonight was my twitter account which made me decide to have 3 different twitter accounts for each of my blogs. GOOD ENOUGH THAT HECK WASN’T ABLE TO HACK MY ACCOUNT!

And now, I am crossing fingers on the healthy blogging I will be facing for this year. Hoping there would be no hacking things to happen, not just me but the whole blogosphere itself!

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