Family Christmas Party 2010

It was the first Christmas celebration on December 2010 that the family had an exchanging gifts together with our cousins and other members of the extended family. Before, we only used to have few exchanging gifts like mom and dad to us, and we, their kids to them. But last December, we really planned to make the exchanging of gifts the most highlight part of the program before doing countdown of the Christmas eve. Three days before Christmas eve, we drew and pick names of our Manito/Manito (the one to be given presents). We included Didong, Didang and Dodong as well as our house helper wherein my sister, brother and sister-in-law were the one’s prepared gifts for their Manito and Manita and they were also the one received in lieu for the kids.

The freedom wall paper as our wish list.

The gifts were ready as early as 5:oo PM on Dec. 24, 2010.

Wewee, Mum and Bait; posing before the program begun.
Our Lola flocked by her grandchildren and 2 daughters (2nd and 3rd from L of 2nd row).

And when the exchanging of gifts begins…

I was my dad’s Manita.

My brother, Carlo, was my Manito.

My brother’s Manita was my Auntie.

My sister, Wewee’s Manita was our house helper.

Our house helper’s Manito was Didong, received by my sister, Bait.

My Auntie’s Manito was her son, Dominic.

Dominic’s Manito was Dodong, received by my sister-in-law, Cherry.

Mum, Lola and Dad.

Wewee, my elder sister, Margaret, my cousin and I.

Cherry, Bait and Carlo showing what they received.

Aside from the exchanging of gifts, we, siblings used to hang our socks during the Christmas eve because we believed that Santa Claus will be visiting us at home and will give us pressies by putting those inside our socks. These were what our parents and aunties taught us. So, since we’re already aunties (of Didong, Didang and Dodong) and realized those were just tricks for us to be good the whole year round so we could look forward of Santa Claus every Christmas. The worst thing is we need to get asleep before Christmas eve because, as they said, Santa Claus won’t give us gifts. LOL! And these were what we do to the kids, we let them hang on their socks on our window and we let them sleep. While they’re asleep, I put candies, goodies, money inside their socks. But the bad thing, Didang woke up and found a bag of candies and chocolates which I left near the window. She asked me to whom that bag was then I just told her that it was Santa’s bag that he left to carry on and might be coming back to get his bag. Hahaha.

Didang never sleep that night getting excited with their hanging
socks. I was just careful enough for her to not to
notice me putting goodies on their socks.

Eat. Eat. Eat.

We really had fun celebrating, welcoming Christmas with the whole extended family. Hope you guys had fun also.


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