Sinulog Festival 2011 Island Souvenir Shirts

One of the things to do on festivities is to go shopping. On the very first day of the the Sinulog Festival 2011, immediately after mum and sis arrived Cebu City, we shopped for Sinulog Festival 2011 Shirts.
I let mum chose which brand of shirts she would want to have. She chose Island Souvenir, one of the best souvenir shoppes for souvenir items here in the Philippines.

Mum and sis comparing which is which from black and white.

Paying for those shirts.

We, mum, sis and I, chose white shades of shirts.

List of the Island Souvenir giveaways.
Bad thing with the giveaways, during that time we bought, most of the items were not available already, we need to wait for their stocks to arrive.


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