Dress the Chrome

When it comes to cars and its accessories, am not the one anybody can rely on especially on its specifications. I can drive, only drive, but with what am I driving, I am very clueless. I just usually browsed over Carid.com for great truck accessories that are of quality and cost-wise.
One of the cars that’s made me giggling these days is the chrome. However, I have nothing to asked from my friends even M. I personally can’t open these stuffs with M because he doesn’t want me to drive myself. So I better keep this in me.

What I did lately, I keep on reading over Carid.com about spares of chrome like grills, tail and headlights, body kits and fender trim. I somehow grasped a lot about it, but I still can’t consider myself a savvy of cars. Upon reading, I thought myself as a car designer. I even though of having my own personalized cars, everything are in-style. Hehe.

I gotta dress my chrome soon, myself!


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