January 2011 Top Walkers

As what I used to do every month, I do give appreciations and thanks to all my Top Walkers of the previous month. This time, it’s from the month of January 2011.I would like to thank and give virtual hugs to Chubbs, Pheebs and Benjie for being here with Tita GG always, keeping my blog fluffy enough for parking here. Hugsy Kitties from Tita GG and Tito M! You’ll also have be my fluffy guest this month of February in my SB.

Aside from the Kitties, I’d like to thank each of the blogger, with badges below, who keeps me visited. I am hoping to still see you this month guys!

Meow Diaries

Photobucket LadyJava's Lounge

Keep walking! Happy Blogging!


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