Marry Me!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and feeling like LOVE is always in the air. In fact, I just stumbled upon Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery this morning about her heart-shaped candy BlogThings post which never hesitated me to post my result too.So here’s mine!

Your Candy Heart Says “Marry Me”

For you, love is serious business. You don’t take dating lightly. Off course. In my situation of being a medical student, I guess having just a plain fling relationship is a no-no!
And even if you haven’t met the right person, getting married is something you expect to do soon. LOL! Not really.. but am kind’a feeling good with M right now. Smiley
Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: a romantic picnic in the park. Haha! I even thought once to date M in a cemetery for us to have the most unique place! LOL! Smiley
Your flirting style: subtle and calculating. Elusive, it may seem! Smiley
What turns you off: short term flings. AGREE!
Why you’re hot: you’re a hopeless romantic with each new relationship. I guess so!
What about you? What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

You can also read my 2010 Valentine’s Day blogthing post here. Happy Valentines Day!


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