MAYSA, My New Baby

Opps, you might be thinking am pregnant? That’s horrible! Smiley It’s not about that. I just had my newest gadget.
Yeah! I bought a new computer unit. It’s not lappy anymore, it’s a complete desktop set. When Oshi was admitted, I waited for 5 days for him to be checked out. In those span of days, his doc called me that he’s needing new system board which would cost me more or less 500 bucks just the system board exclusive from all of the check in, and other damages.
I shared it to mum. She advised me to buy new computer set, instead. But it’s for me whether a lappy still or what. So I checked out Oshi. Then by then, I looked for the latest computer specs. I got the latest i series from Intel.
I compared lappy workload from desktops. With my working online for more than 24 hours, I decided to buy desktop. Aside from such, I don’t want Oshi to be replaced with new lappy. He is still my most fave baby lappy ever. Not to mention, my countless lappies. LOL! But MAYSA? She’s my most fave desktop too.

Hello, I am Maysa!

I will just tell you so soon the specs of Maysa. So far, she’s working well and cooperating with me.


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