Not So FAREWELL, Oshi..

Last January 31, Oshi was admitted. Actually, I was at first hesitant whether to leave him in the clinic or not because I am worried of whatever might be the diagnosis that would make him feeling more sickly. However, the clinician had only one advice to me but to leave Oshi within 3-5 working days for them to be able to find what’s really the problem of Oshi’s being cyanotic in a few while. SmileyOn the third day of his admission, I received a call asking me to purchase external drives and a new licensed OS for Oshi. And so I did. Upon providing them what they needed, a day after that, I received again a new call from them telling me that there’s no other way to recover Oshi but have him a system board operation. I had nothing to say but ah-oh. Smiley

I talked to mum. Since it had cost me not more than 10,000.00PhP for all the spare parts of Oshi and the HD and OS, I decided to bring him home because the system board will cost more or less 20,000.00PhP. It’s very impractical for me to buy a new system board (mother board for desktop computers) for Oshi but not even sure that Oshi will be totally, 101%, disease-free. Mum told me to just buy new computer.

I am grieving, again, after Nadal‘s last week, this week is for Oshi. Pardon me guys if I can’t blog much, doing EC rounds and even updating my blog. I have a lot of things to complete but all were put to nothing.

I am missing my Oshi. Smiley


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