Long Hair NO MORE, Random Make-over

Just on the January 30th, I had my hair make-over. But since I was really not feeling good, uncomfy – to be exact, with long hair during examinations, hospital visits, and the fact that summer is also some more nights away, I just had my new random make-over last night.

This was on January 31st, 2011 before heading
to school. Feelin’ fresh and bumpy!
After a super bunch of dinner last night, I went to the salon where I used to have my make over. I didn’t brought my camera with me since I was just about to have had dinner, not even planning to visit the salon. So I wasn’t able to take a shots of my long hair being trimmed down.

This very early morning, before drowning myself with examinations, as always, I took myself with different hair styles so I could see which is which.

Looking teeny.

Geeky teen.


Geeky demure.


Not so!

I can’t take photos from the back ‘coz I am just having this photo shoots of me in my room. In fact, you can still see my flowery colorful closet!

Which one you prefer? Yay!

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