Thanked God It’s Friday!

Oh la la..Thanked GOD it’s FRIDAY!

I love Fridays. Who doesn’t? But I hate weekends. It makes weekdays come faster. So to every students, counting me in, it’s a new day to study, struggle! But with Fridays, looking forward to it, de-stressing is one thing top the notes.
Here’s some I’ve been looking forward for me to de-stress with. It’s not the usual spa sessions, but making yummies that are differently looking.

Cinderella’s shoes

My shoes? LOL!

Who owns this one?

Oh well, those are just muffins!
One thing to de-stress is cooking, baking, preparing foods. But since, I have nothing in my kitchen to prepare, I’d be hunting this weekend, in malls, for cake launching. Haha! Some are giving free tasting! LOL!


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