Vacation Ready

It’s the 5th of March already and only a-month to go before the school year ends. Then finally, summer vacation!
Mum and I has been planning for an out-of-the-country vacation, however, since my schedule in school/hospital is not fixed yet, we couldn’t opt to fly then. But because the country’s number of airline companies are on promo seat/fly fare, mum, aunt and I just decided to have our Holy Week here in Cebu City and in Dumaguete City. With that, I won’t be flying where else, instead, they’ll be coming here. That’s the most convenient decision for me. Yay!

So yesterday, upon checking online some of the different airline companies, I stumbled upon AirPhilExpress the cheapest among all the country’s airline companies. After doing online reservation, I immediately went to their office, just a street next to where am staying at, paid the bills and had then my printed copies of the tickets.

Tickets to fly
I purchased a total of 6 tickets for my grandmother, aunties, uncle and cousins. My mum, dad and one more auntie decided to travel by boat since they have other things to do and drop by somewhere else. That surely a whole family vacation here. Smiley

Since they’re all yet in Davao City, I just asked the attending personnel to send me a soft copy thru email of my purchased tickets so I could send them also to my cousins and let them print there own copies as well. Aside from having them a copy, it is always recommended to track email marketing services, at least, always informed!

The email.

I’m readying for our vacay now! Happy summer vacation everyone!


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