Cebu Blog Camp 2011

Since I moved in Cebu City, I’d been longing to join bloggers camp in the area. I have met a number of bloggers who are based in Cebu online but most of them, I haven’t met in person yet. Before, when I was staying in Davao City, I used to join Mindanao and Davao Blog Summit – meeting and mingling with other bloggers. And now, Cebu Bloggers will be having a blog camp which is a great opportunity to meet other bloggers from Cebu City aside from the main cause of the blog camp.

The Event, Registration, Guidelines and other information regarding the upcoming blog camp is posted in details in the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 official website. Should you visit and check by clicking the above logo for yourself.

Hope to see you Cebu and other bloggers in the event!


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