Dodong is Jabong

Hey! I might be on my way home, in our farm town, while you are reading this. I have had a very unpredictable decision to go home as early as now because of change of attending physician for my upcoming videonystagmography (VNG) test. I’ll be having my VNG test in Davao City instead of having it done in Cebu City.

Anyway, I’m getting excited now to see and mingle my little nephews and niece, Didong, Dodong and Didang. But lately, my sister told me that my youngest nephew by far, DODONG is not named DODONG anymore, but JABONG. And as far I know, Jabong is citrus fruit. Isn’t it?

Dodong and I last October 2010 Emoticon

Well, so that’s it, this may yet be the first scheduled post that I prepared for all of my blogs and more to come. Have a great day guys!


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