Holy Week is Coming

Classes has just ended. Summer vacation, this must be and so the Holy Week!

I’m not used to spend holy week without my dearest family, so I’m gonna be going home. And that would be today! Tonight, I’ll be departing Cebu City Smiley and most probably, will be arriving home tomorrow noon time, safely.

Since I haven’t gone with my vacation with medical school classmates, my things are still packed and this will instead be grabbed for my way home. I have prepared my pressies also for Didong and Didang. I only forgot one, and that’s for Dodong. He’s still a very little kiddo and I have had hard time looking for toys for him. So I decided, not to get any for him yet. For my godchildren, I might be shopping goodies in Davao City as soon as I get home.

Wow! With all those mentioned above, my credits has turned to its limit already. I think I need to get cash advance now. But from whom? I’m yet a student, no employer. Is it good to ask apply for payday cash advance from my mom? I should be receiving my salary, I mean pocket money now. Hehe. But hey, I almost forgot, classes are over, so no allowances for now. So I guess I really need to fly Smiley home for me to have lesser spends to have.

How I wish I have work already. Not this blogging, but the ones that has regular monthly compensation received so if ever I would want to apply for cash advance loans for emergency cases, at least I won’t be bothering mom, right? Yeah! Applying for a cash advance online really helps a lot especially to those who are in dire need like hospitalization, medicine, bills, school payments and more. Most of the cash advance online companies are available and ready to answer inquiries and applications anytime. No worries whether to receive late responses because they are just online and less efforts and time to take to get to the office.

Does it sounds good?

Anyway, I should get my room mess-free now before I leave! Happy weekend!


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