Joining The First Commenter Club

Comments, shared thoughts, critics and the like are precious to bloggers, generally, but not all. Those are helpful, in most ways, for the improvement of the blog and the blogger itself.

For me, personally, I value comments. If possible, they’ll be saved in each of my blogs’ posts whether it’s negative or positive for as long as it could make me and my blog something to change and develop. These are just some of the reasons why I joined THE FIRST COMMENTER CLUB (FCC), organized by Mariuca, a Malaysian blogger friend of mine, way back February 2009.

That time, I still had my free blogger blog domain so I termed my first commenters as first walkers. First Commenters are First Walkers!

In the first commenter club, ONLY the FIRST COMMENTER/FIRST WALKER are recognized per post by giving linky love at the bottom of each post like this. Blogging is earning bucks as well, so for paid blog posts, the FIRST COMMENTER/FIRST WALKER will just have an additional score tallied monthly in the FIRST COMMENTER SIDE BAR. And at the end of each month, a special blog post with the tallied FIRST COMMENTERS/FIRST WALKERS will be done and the highest pointer FIRST COMMENTER/FIRST WALKER will be receiving a shining FREE ADVERT SPACE along with the FIRST COMMENTER SIDE BAR. Below are some of my recent special blog posts for my monthly FIRST COMMENTERS.

This is just a very simple way to give thanks and appreciation to all commenters of my blogs especially the FCC members.

Anybody would want to join the FCC, you can head to the organizers blog, Mariuca, to be able to get to be aware of the FCC’s guidelines in joining.

As of the moment, the FCC has 36 active blogging members.

1. Mariuca – Wishing on a Falling Star
2. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery
3. Meow Diaries
4. Makan-Makan @ Mariuca
5. LadyJava’s Lounge
6. Turn-U-Off
7. Life According To Me
8. A Network of Entertainment
9. LadyJava’s Life Pages
10. Blogger Cats
11. LadyJava Creations
12. Being Woman
13. Shopping Galore
14. LadyJava’s Food Paradise
15. LadyJava – Online Money Chat
16. The Love Den
17. Confessions of a Not So Willing Workaholic
18. My Stories
19. My Very First Blog
20. I am … but GAGAY.
21. Pinoy MD
22. The Latest Buzzzz
23. My Piece of Paradise
24. Inside Hollywood
25. Beautiful Celebrity Women
26. Basic Bloganomics
27. Rest n Rileks
28. Elai’s Haven
29. Elai’s Precious Angels
31. Therapy Home
32. Bluedreamer’s Top 5
33. Mommy’s Little Corner
34. Anna’s Adornments
35. Grampy’s World

Take note: When you’re a already a member of FCC and comment on the above listed blogs, you have the 101% to get a linky love reward monthly or even per post, that’s absolutely FREE! So go check, get to know the blogger/blog and follow the blog NOW for you to have the latest and newest post so to be the FIRST COMMENTER!



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