March 2011 Top Entrecard Droppers

I’m on my summer vacation right now. The internet connection here in our farm town is not that good because of the rain. And the electricity is fluctuating also. With that, should you all expect that I can’t drop at each blogs’ as much as I could and even update my own blogs the most. However, I will try the hardest if from time to time, internet connection would be stable so I could update things here.

Anyway, I am here my top droppers for the month of March 2011. Thanks to all of you guys for dropping by here!

Mike of Rumbling Stuff will receive 1000 EC credits and a free SB link along with the other top droppers for March 2011.

Same as I am having with my other blog, I can’t find Osprey Value and Big Stick blog profiles over the entrecard community so I wasn’t able to include them. However, if you guys are still active, could you please leave your blog’s entrecard profile link here.

Enjoy blogging!


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