No Music Monday Entries

For the past three weeks, if I’m not mistaken, I missed joining the fun with Music Monday. I even missed checking sites for free downloading of musics and even for the free mp3 downloads websites that I am used to check and update my mp3 player. Every thing about music, I have all them gone when I had my vacation here in our home town for the reasons that the internet connection here is not stable because of the weather – rainy as always and the fluctuating or the rotating brown out that we are experiencing. In fact, my mom has been worrying about our computer units here that may be damaged due to the unstable electrical supply. Aside from that, our UPS is not working good anymore. A big headache to us, indeed.
However, later today, I will be packing things for my fly back to Cebu City tomorrow. Yay! Aside from having my internet connection back, like I’ll be having an uninterrupted connection as so my blogging and unlimited feeds to download free movies will be unceasing again, I’ll be meeting M so soon. And more, there will be an upcoming International Blogger’s Day where in Cebu Bloggers are invited and I am hopefully attending.

Wow! There will be much fun to look forward the day I’ll be arriving in Cebu City. And soon enough, by the next week, I could join Music Monday too and other blogging fun, drop EC, and more coz I missed some blogger friends also, talking to them and together hopping to other blogs too.

Happy Thursday!


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