Packing to Fly Somewhere

I was in the middle of my preparation for my 3-day vacation Smiley in a cool tourist spot here in the Philippines when a friend of mine asked me thru twitter regarding Tinnitus Miracle. She said, she has read about it when she was looking over the internet what’s the best thing to do with her ears because she always hear something noise.

Since I can’t refuse to explain what I knew about it, I paused from my vacation-readiness and attended her. I told her that the said tinnitus stuff she was asking is an online-available purchasable item which is basically for the correction of tinnitus. Tinnitus, on the other hand, is an abnormal hearing of noise which is not usually heard or perceived by the external ear.

My friend, a medical student also, but just studying in different school from I, already knew about what tinnitus is but was just confused and getting curious about tinnitus miracle.

Immediately after minutes of chit-chatting in Facebook, I resumed from my undone things which I will be grabbing with for my fly this Friday until Sunday. But before I’ll take off, I just want to leave you guys with my scheduled posts. Don’t get shocked if you still stumble posts here and to my other blogs from this Friday until Sunday.

Have a great Summer everyone!



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