The Humpy Head Fish

I guess I have told you already about my big brother’s fishes. Yes! He has been raising flower horn fishes since the last quarter of the previous year. And when I got home, all of his flower horn fishes welcomed me with their big humpy heads!

One of my brother’s Flower horn fish Emoticon

Before and up until now, I am still envious to my brother’s unique palms on rearing fishes. Since then, my brother’s love to fishes continues until him having a number of aquariums at home ranging from smallest to largest, all of which has one lively kicking flower horn fishes.

Just because of my jealousy to his fishes, I told him I’m gonna buy fish fries and I’ll let him take care coz I know I can’t give them full love unlike my brother. I’ll just wait for my payday advance payment, maybe that would be tomorrow. Payday loans, specifically, the instant no fax payday loans, is good and very helpful to people who’re in dire needs. But in my case, I still can wait for my payday, which will be tomorrow, the 15th of the month, so I could buy baby fishes, fry, for me to have humpy head fishes also.


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