April 2011 Top Entrecard Droppers

My bad! I almost forgot to give thanks all my April 2011 Top Entrecard Droppers. It’s not that I am busy this 2011 summer vacation but I am getting nervous for the start of our classes in medical school next week that I can’t concentrate in front of my computer.

Anyway, before I’d be busy with school stuff, I shouldn’t let this moment pass by without giving virtual hugs to all my¬† constant visitors – entrecard droppers here.

Golch Central’s Rambling Stuff

Mike’s Place

Namz Crypt

Enfotainer – Innovative Technology Blog

Mysterious World

Blogging for Fun


Travelholic’s Expressions

Okyenhenes Home Family

Some Assembly Required

Thank you for all your drops on April 2011.

Mike of Golch Central’s Rambling Stuff will receive FREE 1000 EC credits.

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