Ate Hazel’s Wedding in Bacolod City

I and M went to Bacolod City to attend for my best buddy’s, Ate Hazel, wedding.

Ate Hazel with her Dad and Mom

The wedding was held in one of the parish churches in Bacolod City at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The day’s motif was yellow and blue.

Kuya Jef, Ate Hazel’s fiance, waiting her in the isle.

Anyway, I just want to share some of, I and Ate Hazel’s, our get-thrus.

Our friendship isn’t too long yet. We met last year, June 2010, when I was lurking for apartments to stay at here in Cebu City for my schooling and at the same time, she was assigned as area manager, if am not mistaken, in Cebu City. We became room mates, house mates, secret keepers, guardians (to each other) and more – we shop together, go to church, night out and much to tell.

Since we became super friends even a short time together, because she was assigned again in Ilo-ilo City area by September 2010, our friendship didn’t stopped. We used to talk – calls, chats, exchange mails and comments thru facebook. But off course, before we met and became friends, she and her fiance were already together. She used to share her, I mean, their love story together with Kuya Jef. Kuya Jef, by the way, is a licensed architect based now in Saudi Arabia.

Oh yeah, so much with that!

With all the fun during the wedding, what really caught my attention are the wedding flowers.

I’m not having the so-called green palm not like my mom, but I could really appreciate how lovely those white wedding flowers they have.

M and I.

I will try to post more of the pictures I’ve taken during the wedding and the reception in my upcoming posts.

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