Dodong 1st Birthday is Coming

This coming June 8, 2011 will be the first birthday of my youngest, by far, nephew, AlexusDODONG.

Dodong was still 4 months old on this picture.

Since I am here in Cebu City already, I don’t know what to do as of now. I thought of giving a Stephen Johnson toddler backpacks for Dodong and send those to my sister-in-law instead. Dodong is growing so fast now and my sister-in-law will be working so soon since she has just recently successfully passed the licensure examination for teachers (LET) in the Philippines. Yes! You heard it! She’s, indeed, a new teacher in the family next to my mom, a masters degree in education holder, and my dad, a LET passer aside from his degree of laws.

Surely, if I’ll get one backpacks for Dodong, it will be very useful for my sister-in-law; using it during immunizations of Dodong, grocery, and more.

Will Dodong be grateful to receive like this toddler backpacks?Smiley

However, aside from the backpacks above, I am also opting to buy a new nap mats, not just for Dodong but also for my other nephew, Didong, and niece, Didang. I found nap mats very useful for them especially every time they play in living room or even just in their respective rooms, its not that really good for them to stay on the floor with out any cover. Later on, after minutes or an hour of playing, they usually gone sleeping. So I guess, a nap mats for them would be good enough.

But with all those mentioned above, I still prefer to fly back home a day or two before Dodong’s birthday. Off course, my presence is much more appreciated especially if I will hand the gifts personally for Dodong. As usual, I can’t promise, but I will really really try my best to get a seat and fly home that time. Hopefully I could!

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