My Self-hosted Blogs

I’ve finally found a good home for my blogs after how many months of analyzing things side by side and ups and downs. I need not to explain much of those for as long as, surely as I could, I am having a very good and happy, much more very affordable, shelf of Mommy Ruby’s Green Hosting turf for blogs.

When I had enough time, during the early weeks of the month, after Mommy Ruby configured my account for my blogs, Mommy Kaye, of Wahmaholic Designs, ported my blog contents including the comments and designs from blogger to my hosting account.

Successful enough, all of my 4 blogs, Fishy Talks, Pinoy.MD and Walking News Paper (The Latest Buzzzz) and this one, Gagay.MD (I’m but Gagay) are now self-hosted wordpress-installed blogs.

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