Summer 2011 Hairstyles

I didn’t notice the summer 2011 in the Philippines is yet to set off up until a typhoon – heavy rainfall is hitting the country already. This is because I can’t differentiate exactly the temperatures from the summer 2011 months from other months in a year in the Philippines. It’s like there’s no hot season but always a wet (rainy) season in the country.

Anyway, though there were almost no temperature changes from the past months to the recent and most probably to June and to the coming months, as I have observed, summer 2011 hairstyles are just the one obviously constantly changing.

Take a look at below some of the common summer 2011 hairstyles that I’ve seen. These images are not the actual images of the people I saw during the summer 2011 but somehow the hairstyles are near to it.

According to the people I’ve met and asked how they do their hairs like such, most of them used curling irons to make their hairs curl in a wavy manner of their choice. They personally do it for them to control the curls of their hair. Another stuffs which most of them use to make the hairstyle they want looking natural are hair blow dryers which they usually paired with mason pearson brushes. The brush is suited for any length and thickness of the hair.

I haven’t tried any from the above hairstyles but I prefer the second image with a wavy long hair that looking so natural under the summer heat of the sun.

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