World Bloggers’ Day in Cebu City

I was first hesitant to join the World Bloggers’ Day in Cebu City this afternoon, May 2, 2011 because, the very first reason is, I am not from Cebu City and I am also a registered, yet not active, in Davao and Mindanao Blogger Society.

However, since I am already a year of staying here since I enroll in a medical school, I decided to attend though.

Actually, this isn’t the first World Bloggers’ Day that I was invited to attend. In fact, during last year’s celebration, I was invited but wasn’t able to come because I was sick a day before the event. And when I received an email invitation, as I have said earlier, I thought of not attending at first.

Moreover, the event this afternoon was of real success! Great new blogging stuffs are taught and shared by a number of speakers from known media company and some certified blogger. Things grasped during the event will individually be explained soon enough as well as the photos taken during the even will be posted as soon; maybe distributed in some of my upcoming blog posts.


Congratulations to the World Bloggers’ Day in Cebu City organizers, speakers and the bloggers who attended the event and made it a successful one.
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