4 Blogging Years: 4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway

This coming July 2011 will be my 4th blogging year. And with this, I am personally giving away FREE 4-year domain and 1-year hosting plan. Take note, the domain will be the blogger’s choice.

Without much ado. Here are the mechanics on how to join my giveaway.

Required per blogger:

  1. Blog about the giveaway with keywords “4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway”.
  2. Subscribe via E-mail to GAGAYMD.COM (you can find at the sidebar)
  3. Follow GAGAYMD.COM thru Google Friend Connect
  4. Follow GAGAYMD.COM thru Facebook Networked Blog
  5. Like GAGAY on Facebook

Each post should contain the following links and a banner linked to the giveaway (you can copy the codes from the sidebar):

Fishy Talks | Gagay.MD | Oh Gosh Gulay | Pinoy.MD | Walking News Paper

Equivalent points:

1.Blog posts

  • 10 points (June 6 – 12, 2011 posts)
  • 7 points (June 13 –  19, 2011 posts)
  • 5 points (June 20 – 26, 2011 posts)
  • 3 point (June 27 – July 1, 2011 posts)

2. Email Subscription: 7 points

3. Google Friend Connect : 5 points

4. Facebook Networked Blog: 5 points

5. Facebook Like: 3 points

6. Additional 5 points if you include the badge and other links in your sidebar.

There will be no limit on blog posting per blogger – a blogger can use one or more blog/s of his or her OWN as long as the blog used has a minimum of 30 published posts and is a 3-month blog and older.

Once done with the FIRST post and with the other 4 required stuffs, should you fill this FORM out and to add another blog post entry, just fill this FORM out.

This is a point accumulation-based giveaway. Points are counted according to the date of submission as stated above. Each blogger can track his or her entry points. The blogger with the highest earned points until July 2, 2011, will receive a FREE 4-YEAR DOMAIN and a hosting plan for 1 year.

Points are counted and considered valid once submitted. To avoid date-back problems and issues, blog posts entries will be scored and points will be counted according to the date of submission.

Happy Blogging Guys!

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